About us

Card Group International

Founded in Sweden in 1997, Card Group International now has Master Franchise offices in 45 countries worldwide.
A global company with a local presence
Card Groups World Headquarters are located in Gävle, Sweden, housing an international training-centre, design studios, R&D, administration, production planning/logistics, warehouse and support/management team.

Card Group is based upon Master Franchise led operations in each country combining the resources associated with a major international company along with the enterprise and service of the local country Master Franchise operation.


In-house design studio – “Creating the Difference”

Product development – a key factor
An in-house design studio at our Head Office in Sweden, where our team of designers monitor global trends and create all the designs.

All designs are market tested prior to launch and the studio evaluates the test results to fully understand consumer preferences. With this we are always a step ahead of competitors.

New products
Card Group continues to invest in new designs and product development. Ongoing research and development enables us to offer a range of products that is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of both retailers and loyal consumers.